The Process Piping

It has been found that there are hardly any full-fledged websites which are completely dedicated to the field of process piping. For a process piping engineer gaining some subject knowledge means consulting dozens of websites and extracting whatever is useful. Many of these websites are vendor websites where mostly the technical write-up is limited to the technology they are using or the product they are producing.

The main idea behind launching “TheProcessPiping” is to generate a technical knowledge base for all the process piping professionals around the world.

Well, this website will act as a source of technical knowledge for professionals who want to learn about the basics and details of anything related to piping systems like pipe and fittings, static equipment’s, rotating equipment’s, stress analysis, fluid flow, material, welding, inspection, construction, erection etc. Full effort has been put forward to compile and present as much topics as possible.

This website will also give an opportunity to all the process piping engineers to “Join Us” where they can share their knowledge in process piping field with the world.