Introduction to Hot Tapping in Piping


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  1. Okto says:

    I would like to add:
    What shall be done before performing hot tapping, based on several cases when I was involved for this activity.
    1. Check actual hot tapping location for roundness, defect or any lamination and record them.
    2. Check actual pipe wall thickness, because hot tapping has some wall thickness range requirements to be considered.
    3. Check the actual operation pressure and temperature when you want to do the hot tap (this will help to confirm the integrity of main pipe when you do the cutting).
    4. Check the actual fluid velocity when you want to do the hot tap (this will help you to ensure cutting coupon won’t be lost after cutting)
    5. Check review hot tap fitting selected with vendor.
    6. Check and review hot tap machine required space, in case you are in a limited area.
    7. In case you have never done it in similar case, or worse, when it is critical them mock up is highly recommended. To help you understand and confirming several things:
    a. Welding WPS
    b. Weld penetration depth, to ensure pipe integrity when you do the hot tap
    c. Welding highest temperature and welding technique required to ensure you have the main pipe strong and good enough to go through hot tapping process as designed.
    8. Calculate all the weight and re-calculate in case additional temporary support required.
    9. Test your block valves and other components are good to go.

    Hopefully these will give some insights.

    Best Regards,